Ultimate Templates bundles with Resell Rights


“Introducing the Ultimate Templates Bundles with Resell Rights! This comprehensive package includes a variety of essential templates designed to streamline your small business operations. From social media planners to task trackers and project management tools, each template is meticulously crafted to enhance productivity and efficiency. With included guides and instructions, you’ll have everything you need to succeed. Explore the Ultimate Templates Bundles today and take your business to new heights!”

Whats included:

1- The Ultimate Small Business Checklist (Thrive Online) Notion Template Instruction Page (Checklist).

2- Social Media Planner and Content Calendar + Marketing Blueprint Ultimate Social Media Planner.

3- Sheetify Tasks – Google Sheets Task Tracker (Google Tasks App Integration) Sheetify – Task Tracker Instructions and licensees.

4- Sheetify Lite – Google Sheets Customer, Invoice & Sales Tracker SHEETIFY LITE Client Tracker Guide.pdf Download Link:

5- Lightweight CRM, Task & Project Management Toolkit Light Weight CRM, task and project management template.

6- Google Sites Template for Service Businesses (Conversion-focused) Google Sites Template (Service Business) .

7- Content Marketing 101 Guide for Small Businesses (Ebook) Going Digital – Content Marketing 101.

8- Digital Marketing 101 Guide for Local Businesses (Ebook) Going Digital – Foundations of DM.

9- Daily Planner for Individuals & Micro-Businesses Daily Planner notion template guide.




Hey there, dear shopper! Here’s your easy guide to getting your goodies from our Google Drive.

  1. The link we sent you? It leads to your product treasure chest on Google Drive or Canva. If we have sent you PDFs, you can simply click the content to get access to it.
  2. To download on Google Drive, just right-click on each folder and hit ‘Download’. Got multiple folders? No worries! You can select multiple

folders to download all at once.

  1. Make sure to do this on your computer or laptop. Why? Well, these folders are kinda chunky. Phones might give you a headache with error messages. Most folders are zipped (.zip or .rar). Once downloaded, unzip them with any utility program. Need one? Try WinRar. It’s free and easy: https://www.win-rar.com/fileadmin/winrar-versions/winrar/winrar-x64-624.exe


  1. Google needs you to be logged in and have 3rd party cookies enabled to download or copy files.


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