30 Games Bundle A – Android Games for Reskin and Publishing


30 Games Bundle A – Android Games for Reskin and Publishing
1. trickytrap 2. jumpup 3. forawrd 4. impossiblebounce 5. dotlines 6. transvenia 7. zigjump 8. lapuq 9. jumpin 10. thedot 11. umbleranger 12. dropball 13. kolorchallenge 14. splashracing 15. spacejumper 16. skullraider 17. ballflow 18. bouncingcolorz 19. blocky 20. sliderball 21. zigrun 22. colorshooter 23. cubejump 24. happyrabbit 25. harrydodge 26. jumperjhon 27. pixeldash 28. redballstunt 29. rimba 30. slowsplash

Introducing our latest product, “30 Games of Supreme Trending Games Code Ready for Reskin” from Deeemoz Shop Stores! This bundle features a curated selection of 30 high-quality and supremely trending mobile games, each ready for reskinning to fit your unique style and branding. From addictive puzzle games like TrickyTrap and DotLines to thrilling action games like SkullRaider and CubeJump, this collection has something for every gamer. Whether you’re a seasoned developer looking to expand your portfolio or a newcomer eager to break into the mobile gaming market, these ready-to-reskin games offer endless opportunities for customization and monetization. Elevate your game development journey with our comprehensive bundle today!



30 Games Bundle A – Android Games for Reskin and Publishing – 4

Import in Latest Android studio
Use the included RESKIN Software to reskin the game according to your game design
Change admod banner, Interstitial and Reward video ID’s in android studio
Export Signed APK
Upload to Google Play store and other stores
Earn money from ads

Detailed documentation and RESKIN software is included.

Contents of documentation

Install Android Studio
Import Project in Android Studio
Update Game Name, Icon, Package ID
Change Admob/Facebook Ad Id’s
Change Game Service Id’s
Change More Game’s and Rate Game links
Export Apk to upload to Google play
How to Reskin the Game to make it Unique.

Reach top charts with a Publisher ready, highly optimized UI and stunning graphic’s, which are designed meticulously.

The game is developed using cocos2dx/Buildbox and is designed for high-performance, battery-efficient games.

Android 13 ready
Ready for publishing
Smooth transitions & animations
High quality images (png files included)
Ads implemented
Admob (for other ads providers, buy extended license)

Please reskin with care

We provide un-watermaked images because we trust that you will use your best judgement in creating a legitimate reskin that adds value to the game. Please be aware of Google policies against “spamming” the App Store and take your time to create the graphics that will delight your users


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