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phones that support NFC

It is modern and advanced, and it can be said that all types of phones that support NFC technology are available
Android in mid-range phones, that is, all phones that have the system can
Sharing and sending files are some of the types of Android 0.4 to 0.9
to support
-: such as NFC phones that T
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Samsung (it does not have a technology icon, because it will always be activated either on
.the phone(
• IOS for iPhone 7, 8, X 11 and .
Honor phones •
Nokia phones •
• Redmi Note S.
• POCO F3 phone.
• Xiaomi Mi 11 series phones.
• Xiaomi redmi note 9s
• honor 10x lite
Realme 6 phone
• Xiaomi redmi 10
• Samsung galaxy A51
• Samsung galaxy A11
• Samsung galaxy M12
• Samsung J6 Plus
• Samsung galaxy m22
• Samsung galaxy M30s
• Samsung galaxy A10
• Samsung Galaxy A10 phone
• Samsung Galaxy M30s
• Xiaomi Redmi 10 phone
• Samsung Galaxy M22 phone
• Samsung Galaxy M12 phone
• Samsung Galaxy M32 phone
Realme 6 phone
• Samsung Galaxy A11 phone
• Samsung J6 Plus phone
• Samsung Galaxy A51 phone

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