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NFC details

Chip: NXP-NTG215
Lockable: Yes
Protocol: ISO14443A
Working frequency: 13.56MHZ
Memory: 540Bytes
Usable Memory: 504Bytes
Size: 86*54*0.84MM
Color: white
Reading and writing distance: 1 to 3 cm
Material: inkjet PVC
Compatible with any kind of ink.
Waterproof and glossy.
NFC IC reader/writer NFC Enable Phone
How can the data be transferred to the smart digital card, and how can you transfer it to anyone via the card or the sticker?
Any data you want
How you can use busniess digital card or NFC stickers & prodcust your data to enyones

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Which is known in Arabic by the term Near Field Communication, and it is one of the wireless communication technologies:
Which depends on the transfer of data at a high speed of up to 56.13 MHz, and you can exchange data only in
NFC is characterized by a range of up to 4 cm between exchange parties, which are usually mobile phones, or NFC-enabled devices
With a degree of security that it provides for sent and received data, which makes it a useful means of messaging for data transmission
RFID, and it was known as NFC in 1983 AD was the first appearance of NFC financial technology. The history of the emergence of technology
To refer to radio frequency waveforms in the exchange of data, Charles Walton obtained a patent for this technique in
data communication, and in the year 2002 AD, Sony and Philips companies developed their electronic products through
As a standard of the standards of the executive plan for them, and in the year 2004, the Nokia company added this NFC technology addition
technology to their mobile phones, which led to a qualitative shift in the exchange of data and information between phones that
.NFC technology is used
The year 2010 witnessed a remarkable development, which most of the companies that manufacture NFC were keen on
Cell phones to be used within the new designs of their devices, and that
Especially digital electronic devices
Samsung has been keen to develop its devices based on
Because it provides a way to send and receive free of charge
This technology was called NFC, and this is what contributed in 2012 to introducing a new generation of phones supported by NFC.
The name of smart phones, whose use evolved with the year 2015 AD, which coincided with the emergence of the financial payment feature
As an appropriate means to complete financial transactions safely and confidentially. Electronic NFC based on
NFC is one of the oldest, including: Communication There are a range of important uses of NFC technology
It contributed to providing many easy solutions for the application of NFC in the areas in which NFC technology was used
, which contributed to the free Bluetooth, which depends on the transfer of various types of data, especially when the technology appears

In providing integration in the field of communication and electronic messaging, which helped in linking many electronic devices,
Such as: earphones and multimedia players. Trade A group of trading companies relied on an idea
In the transactions that you apply with third parties such as companies and customers, this technology contributed to the presence of NFC technology
Providing an electronic wallet that is similar to the idea of ​​an ATM card, which helped pay the sums of money owed
, which adopted NFC conduct business transactions. Smartphones Smartphones are one of the latest uses of technology
To run it, or upload it to NFC on the idea of ​​using applications and electronic games dedicated to reading frequencies
Smartphone, which helps control phone settings, execute a set of commands, and send text messages between

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