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How to check that the phone supports technology NFC

With ease from the phone’s settings, instead of tampering with the phone, it can be confirmed that it supports NFC technology
How to do these steps
After going to the settings menu, (connected devices) is selected.
Then select your communication preferences.
• In addition to the Beam Android option, you will see two options: • NFC.
• If the phone supports NFC, an option will appear.
• On the NFC search engine, the technology can be found easily by typing •
together in order for NFC and Beam Android technology to take place, knowing that both must be activated
The process of sharing files with ease
• Thus, you will easily learn how to make your phone support NFC technology.
NFC technology functionality
NFC technology functionality
Several very effective functions that help in sending all files with ease. NFC technology offers
-: through which it is possible to send and exchange both
Contact information Where the contact information is retained after the share is made automatically
.In the phone
.file sharing
Not a specific video. YouTube pages
.photos and videos
Available on Apple phones, or Apple Pay also offers the functionality to be used with digital wallets and an app
The Samsung Pay application available on Samsung devices
.Can connect with loudspeakers
.Users can scan smart phones
The possibility of verifying the arrival or presence of money in the card, such as supporting loyalty cards, through
n a few until it is complete
Put the back of the device close to the place of payment and wait a second
a step
NFC stickers
The phone is automatically configured to share files from one device to another, of course
Which is NFC and in order to do these steps participants must have stickers
.Use it during sending and receiving
To carry out the required tasks, and program it to use the phone as soon as you approach it by swiping it with each other
.Easy to allow to open a web page
Or receiving a file, entering the phone settings, sending a text, for direct use can be done
By programming the phone settings, it is dealt with quickly as soon as this sticker appears
Stickers help in making all settings such as activating Bluetooth, using NFC
.Google Maps by sticking it in the car, music player control
And connect it to the phone? How can I benefit from it? NFC How to use stickers
About NFC To answer the question of how to make your phone support NFC technology, you can take advantage of the NFC feature
By linking the phone with the stickers, but for this you will need to download another application on the phone
The phone is NFC TOOL and it is available on the Bali store and very easy to use
After completing the download process, it will be installed on the phone
/ READ:- In the main interface, you will find four options: •
Send NFC to use the TASKS/OTHER/WRITE feature
.READ and Receive Files option will be pressed
• NFC will be used in electronic payment with smart cards or stickers.
.WRITE Pressing an option
To use the phone with NFC stickers, the phone must be close enough to the sticker.
Immediately the phone will be directed to the site through which you can add all •
The tasks you want to control remotely, knowing that each can be saved
Actions to be added, to be used easily when clicking on the label
NFC: These are some of the functions that can be added and controlled through stickers
• Open the Facebook application.
Google Maps •
• Media playback such as stopping, scrolling, playing media, navigating with ease.
• Pictures, working files.
Set alarm and timer.
• Create to-do reminders.
Convert text to speech by speaking the text.
• Create a message and send mail.
• Make phone calls.
• Control and change phone settings such as sound settings, lighting, screen.
• Use of social networking services.

? NFC How do I get stickers
From Golden Stores
In order to share data between one device and another, certain conditions must be met in both
-: the two devices and do some simple steps until the process is completed successfully
• Both devices must be NFC enabled.
The two devices must connect and get the Android notification both while doing
The process of sending or receiving
Airplane mode must be activated on both devices.
The need to hear the notification sound during sending or receiving.
Do not turn off the phone or turn off Airplane Mode until after making sure that the transmission and reception are complete.
It will be noticed that the screen of the device on which the files are being sent has begun to shrink in size.
It becomes a thumbnail, then the phone must be touched in order to transmit
Voice feedback must be obtained after the successful completion of the participation process

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