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A new service from Golden Stores
You can order anything and with the Golden Stores Express service, we will quickly deliver everything you or you want
Just send us our WhatsApp number or call us
You can order everything you need, whether from the Golden Stores, hypermart, restaurant, or anything you need
Whatever you want to ask for one or more delegates, you will have to put yourself in it
And we have to come to you with everything you asked for
Visa payment is available upon receipt
Payment is available in advance through a payment link for all orders
How to use
Send a WhatsApp message to our number
We will contact you in seconds to confirm the order, address and delivery date, if there are products or publications
Just dream while we are with you. Anything you want to ask about, please send us the number
Any need that comes to your mind and we will help you with it. Even if we do not implement the service, we will help you and tell you what to do.
Send a WhatsApp message or call our number and ask for everything you need and we will answer it for you

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