All About NFC technology

A card or sticker that allows you to put any data you want on it and you can transfer it to anyone by just touching his mobile
It can be a sticker that stays on the mobile
The way to download the data is easy and simple and you can modify it at any time through the Hihello application or NFC tools.
Also you can use the sticker in the car and leave your number or anything.


The business card or sticker is equipped with new technology you will be able to save you thousands of paper cards and the expenses of printing them also it will give you the ability to upload any data on it without being restricted to specific data you can upload phone numbers and all social media accounts or even your files and share them in an instant via NFC technology as soon as you touch the card or sticker or chip to the mobile data is transferred in less than a second.


Business card or sticker will save you from printing thousands of cards and will not leave you restricted to any data or modification because you can upload all the data that you want to appear to people and you can modify the data at any time, and it will also make you appear distinctively, whether the personal card or the company.
You can share all kinds of data
Your website
Your social media links
Contact Numbers
many other photos, videos and data…


The card or sticker or bracelet or anything with the chip works in two ways
1️⃣ Using NFC, this is a feature found in 90% of modern mobiles, and this feature allows you to transfer data to and from the card as soon as there is contact between the card and the mobile
2️⃣ Using the QR Code and friendly for old mobiles that do not support the NFC feature.


All you have to download is the HiHello app available in two versions for Android and IOS, through which you can add all your data without limited storage. And after adding your data to the application you transfer it easily to the card and after that all you have to do is bring the card closer to the 😁 customer’s mobile and all your data will appear in front of him without needing to download any program ✨
or use this website
And register an account on it for free and make a barcode too and print it on the card and this way you will have a card that works for all types of mobiles.


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